Best Toys and Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

When looking for the best toys and gifts for 3-year-old boys, it’s easier to purchase and more varied in style than they have ever been before. There can be too many choices to know what to buy, though. At a time when 3-year-old boys are getting smarter and learning faster than ever before, some things never change. Three-year-old boys still love playing with toys. How do you know which toys are the right toys? Take a look at the 30 best toys and gifts for 3-year-old boys.

This twist on a classic idea makes for a perfect toy for your three-year-old boy. Most little boys love hitting things and this toy allows that and much more. It is a STEM toy but is simple for any little one to enjoy. The little frogs take a whacking and keep on croaking. It’s also great because it is safe and durable. Little boys don’t always have to learn math or science while they play.

It isn’t a one-trick toy though. Multiple game modes make for different options of play. Lights and sounds make the fun brighter and a little bit educational as well if that is what your three-year-old boy likes. Improve hand-eye coordination while whacking a light-up frog in the head. What’s not to love?

While this is a great toy for many reasons, at the end of the day, it’s fun to hit stuff with a stick when you’re three. Littles aren’t the only ones who can enjoy this game though. It is a good option for parents, siblings, or other family members to enjoy with the little guy. Because when three-year-old boys get older, it’s still quite a lot of fun to hit things with a stick.

Key Features

  • Multiple Play Modes
  • Light and Sound
  • Play and Learn
  • Durable


  • Brand: Think Gizmos
  • Model: TG702
  • Weight: 2.05 lbs

Fishing has been a part of boyhood for a long time. Girls like it too, sure, but it is a superb toy for a boy at even a young age. The CozyBomB Wooden Fishing Game is as good or better than any fishing toy, but it has a few features that make it stand out.

First, it isn’t simply a game like many adults might remember. This is a toy that includes a magnetic connection on the end of the fishing pole to make it easier for a younger boy to bring in the catch of the day. It is also made out of simply better material.

No worries about plastic edges or breakable plastic parts, the CozyBomb toy is made of all-natural wood. It is, therefore, made of non-toxic and more durable materials. This is a game to be sure. It can be played by more than one child. Unlike many older generation fishing games, though, it is also a toy that one three-year-old boy can play with, on multiple sides, and in variable ways.

Key Features

  • Made of Natural Wood
  • Variable Play Alone or With Others
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Brand: CozyBomb
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs

Every year that goes by sees more kids taking pictures with their parents or older sibling’s phone or camera. Why risk breaking the more expensive devices when there is a better option for your little boy? What’s great about this digital camera is that along with great features, it is colored and designed with boys in mind.

Advances in technology allow this little camera to take better pictures than most parents could take when they were twice their little one’s age. This camera is capable of 8 megapixel photography and it takes great videos as well.

It is hard to overlook that it takes 1080p digital video but it also comes with a 32 gb SD card and a USB cable. It is easy to use, almost impossible to break, and a great bit of safe fun for any three year old boy.

Key Features

  • Supports 8 Megapixel Photography
  • Supports 1080p Video
  • 32gb SD Card Included
  • USB Cable Included


  • Brand: OMWay
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Color: Blue

Some kids love math and some kids hate math. Balancing monkeys on an awesome little counting toy, however, can be enjoyed by anyone. Your little boy won’t even realize how this CozyBomb toy can teach about numbers and help with STEM knowledge because while it is a great teaching tool, it is also a load of interacting fun.

There is a lot to like about this toy and the maker of the Monkey Balance Counting Cool Math Game, agrees. They think everyone will love it so much that they offer a money back guarantee. Monkeys can be balanced on the scale but they can also fall all over the place. What fun!

What is awesome however is the way the counting is taught. If there are five monkeys on one side, it will balance with a five or with a three and two on the other. It is well thought out and well made and a toy any little boy would enjoy.

Key Features

  • Helps Retain STEM Knowledge
  • Interactive Learning
  • Great Teaching Tool
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Brand: CozyBomB
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs

Dinosaurs and their history might be a laborious subject in later years of school but for little boys, something magical happens when they see a box of little dinosaurs to play with. This toy is a grouping of toys that any dinosaur fan will get loads of fun out of. Best of all, it is more than just a few plastic dinosaurs.

This set comes with a book about dinosaurs that includes popular scientific information about each one. That knowledge comes alive not only with the toy dinos but also with the sounds and narration of the book.

The little boy in your life can sit and play with his toys while the book tells him all about those very toys. If he wants, he can flip through the book and enjoy the pictures. Either way he wants to play with them, there is a ton of educational fun to be had with this toy.

Key Features

  • 12 – 7” Dinosaurs
  • Narrated Sound Book
  • Educational and Fun


  • Brand: Li’l-Gen
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs

Drawing is fun. Painting is fun. Cleaning up afterward is not so much fun. What is great about this drawing mat from FREE TO FLY, is that the cleanup is so easy you won’t even know it happened. There isn’t any. Actually, other than rolling the mat up and putting it away, the cleanup is nothing.

The mess-free drawing mat makes use of water and a magical mat to allow little ones to draw whatever they want and however they want, with no mess. They can even sit on the thing and nothing gets on them or their clothing. What is not to love here?

In addition to the clear plus of a mess-free drawing mat, this comes with a drawing book as well. As the boy in your life grows, he will be able to copy drawings and learn about drawing from the book. All the time, remember, no mess. The mat is reusable and simple to store. It might be the best drawing surface ever.

Key Features

  • Reusable Drawing Mat
  • Drawing Book Included
  • Mess-Free Drawing Fun


  • Brand: FREE TO FLY
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces

Any boy who sees one of his parents, grandparents, or older siblings using tools, wants instantly to use the same type of tools. The same little something inside little boys that loves that also loves construction trucks and equipment. The great thing about this toy from Top Race is that is combines those into one awesome toy.

The tools work with the parts to create not just one or two but three different construction type vehicles. They can be pieced together in any way your little boy wishes. The drill itself can be converted into a truck.

Imagine your boy sitting there building his own toys with his own tools. You know he’ll love playing with them after as well. Nothing about this toy is wrong. It is perfect for any three year old boy. Why pretend to build things when he can build them for real with his own hands? It is a great and reliable toy that could stick around the playroom for years and years.

Key Features

  • DIY Construction Tools
  • Builds 3 Construction Site Vehicles
  • Battery-Powered Drill Converts to Truck


  • Brand: Top Race
  • Weight: 1.68 lbs

Boys and sports have always played well together and this toy from VTech makes that perfectly possible. At just 5.4 lbs, the small basketball goal and soccer goal in one is a great way to give your three-year-old boy a lot of fun in a small toy.

It comes with a basketball and soccer ball to make sure your boy can enjoy whichever sport he wants to play or both. It doesn’t just come with balls and goals, however. It includes a light-up LED scoreboard. This compact sports center has, even more, to enjoy though.

In addition to the sports and the scoreboard, VTech has included songs, sounds, and phrases to make the playing experience interactive and tons of fun. There are fifty sounds in all. When you combine it all together, this little toy will probably be best on low and easy to reach shelf.

Key Features

  • Two Sports In One
  • LED Light-Up Scoreboard
  • 50 Songs, Sounds, and Phrases


  • Brand: VTech
  • Model: 80-156301
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs

Remote control cars are fun for any boy later in their childhood but these two cars are fun for the little boy in your life as well. There are two, a race car and a police car of course. What else would a boy want to do other than have one car chase the other? It should be loads of fun.

Best of all, with the two cars on different frequencies, the fun is easy and the cars don’t interfere with each other. The controls are simple so the little hands will have no problem working them and racing these cars around the room.

A great extra touch to these two cars are the figures that come with them. A race car driver and a policeman are included and fit easily into the car so whenever a boy wants, the chase can begin.

Key Features

  • Two Cars on Different Frequency
  • Two Figures Included
  • Easy to Use Remote Control


  • Brand: Prextex
  • Weight: 5 ounces

This toy is simple and a lot of fun for any boy. Lewo’s Wooden Ramp Racer provides varied fun for any little boy who loves cars and ramps. You won’t need a master’s degree in Engineering to put this together and the parts are made from all-natural wood.

This durable combination is made all the better with six little cars that are included. Those cars can run along the eight ramps any way your boy wants to sling them. No matter how hard they fall down these ramps, these cars will be raring to go again.

The small profile makes for ease of storage. Any low shelf would be great and the lightweight toy can just be pulled out any time it needs to be played with. Knowing how durable it will be and how easy these wheels will roll down the sloped tracks, little boys everywhere will want to drag it out quite often.

Key Features

  • Made With Natural Wood
  • Six Cars Included
  • Eight Ramps Included


  • Brand: Lewo
  • Weight: 2.55 lbs

Many kids like to pretend to explore but when they get the chance to explore for real, the fun can really start. And while every child likes to explore, it is mostly boys who love to play bug catcher. ESSENSON’s Outdoor Explorer Kit and Bug Catcher Kit is just right for the boy who likes to play explorer and catch bugs at the same time.

This kit comes with everything anyone would need to do the job. While the little 3-year-old boy in your life might just be at the start of his exploring career, he can get a great start by playing with the tools included here.

Binoculars, flashlight, compass, and more make up a great play kit for anyone’s backyard. Then, with proper supervision, little bug catchers can make use of the actual bug catching kit and catch some bugs for real. When they want to examine them closer, the magnifying glass will come in handy. This kit has it all and will grow with them.

Key Features

  • Binoculars and Hand Charge Flashlight
  • Compass 
  • Magnifying Glass and Bug Catching Container


  • Brand: ESSENSON
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs

Whether they watch Mom, Dad, or one of their grandparents, a lot of little boys enjoy the idea of playing golf like the people in their lives who play that great game. This golf toy set from iPlay, iLearn comes with everything little golfers need to get started on their swing as early as possible.

It is lightweight and easy to use for your three year old sports nut. There are plenty of balls and a couple of clubs for him to get his swing perfect, or just whack at the ball like many adults tend to do. Unlike the adults who get frustrated from time to time, this toy golf set is sure to bring fun and smiles to your boy.

Key Features

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • One Dozen Balls
  • Two Golf Clubs


  • Brand: iPlay, iLearn
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs

Whether a little boy will like banging on a drum is not up for question anywhere in this world of ours, but because it happens to be so loud, many boys go without the joy this brings. Enter the Electric Big Toy Drum Set by WolVol and all is cured. Because it is electric and it is not an actual drum, it can be fun for him without driving parents insane.

The news gets better. This isn’t simply a drum set that he can enjoy. It lights up. The drums and the symbols all over this set light up. Want more good news? The only thing better than a promising young drummer boy is one who can sing into a microphone at the same time. This set comes with a microphone too.

In addition to all of that, it comes with music and beats pre-loaded onto the toy. He can play them and sing along, dance-along, or even try to improve his young drummer boy skills by playing along. It is a great toy for him without being a ticket to the crazy house for you.

Key Features

  • Comes With Microphone
  • Light-up Drums and Symbols
  • Playable Music and Beats Included.


  • Brand: WolVol
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs

We have already covered how awesome it is for a boy to use tools that can truly put things together and take things apart. What little boy doesn’t want to take his new zooming race car and pull the wheels off? Well, for those who want this, the ThinkGizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car is a great find.

The pieces all come off and can be put back on in any way the boy wishes, allowing him to build his very own personal race car. There is a battery-powered drill included which is a simple must-have with such a toy. But the great stuff doesn’t end there.

A few toys even on this list can be taken apart and put back together, but few of them have lights and sounds included. This car has that option. It is a great addition to complete an already wonderful toy racing car and quite the option or any gifting time of the year as well.

Key Features

  • Battery-Powered Drill Included
  • Build Your Own Race Car
  • Realistic Lights and Sounds


  • Brand: ThinkGizmos
  • Model: TG642
  • Weight: 1.19 lbs

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, go go go. Anyone with a child knows this chant, or this song. More like a chant for fun fun fun to go go go. Like any great television show for kids, the mighty pups have their very own set of toys that seem endless at times. This one is a great find for the smaller boy in your family.

Not only does it involve playing with a toy Marshall, but they can feed him and he reacts to them. Movable eyes react to what the child does. There are twenty-six treats included and they all store right there in Marshall’s pup pack. There are multiple modes of learning and fun to switch between as well.

One of the better modes includes letter learning. Many boys need that extra push to learn the look and sound of their alphabet. This toy from VTech could be the step needed to cement those letters into your little boy’s minds. Best of all though, Marshall’s a good pup and he deserves treats.

Key Features

  • Motorized Eyes
  • 26 Treats Included
  • Multiple Fun and Learning Modes


  • Brand: VTech
  • Model: 80-190400
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs

STEM toys are all over the place today but some of them are simply fun toys that happen to offer STEM learning as a bonus, especially for a 3-year-old boy. This Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set from Meigo is just such a toy. The numerous pieces and screws can be put together in any way your little one wants and all with a drill included in the set.

There are over one-hundred pieces to the set including wheels for certain inventions to roll around after creation. A book is included for you to help him build but he also has the freedom to simply put things together and you can watch his mind grow and thrive.

Something all parents worry about with toys that happen to have a lot of pieces is the cleanup process. A great toy can be put in the top of the playroom closet just because the cleaning takes too much time and creates trouble. This toy comes with it’s own low profile storage container to take those worries away and make cleanup easier.

Key Features

  • STEM Learning
  • 110 Pieces
  • Storage Container Included


  • Brand: Meigo
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs

There is a great joy in playing at a desk. For some reason little boys seem to love to pretend to work at a desk, whether copying a parent or just because it’s a fun thing to do. VTech has a great toy for the desk loving child in the Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe.

This desk doesn’t stop at providing a flat surface for pretend play. It creates an entire interactive learning environment that doubles as a fun place to pretend and play. The desktop interacts with your boy as he touches the surface and teaches him along the way through learning activities.

It comes with songs as well and the LED screen is a step above to make this a modern marvel of a toy desk. Best of all, since the desktop is interactive and includes a screen, he might be motivated to keep the surface clear instead of piling papers and toys on top of it. That makes it a better option that most other desks in the world, much less in the toy market.

Key Features

  • Interactive Desktop
  • LED Screen
  • Learning Activities and Songs


  • Brand: VTech
  • Model: 80-154601
  • Weight: 9 lbs

Surely we don’t have to talk about whether or not boys like tractors. It is clear most places all over this planet, and likely across the galaxy, that little boys love tractors. Big wheels, big motors, yard work, it all just strikes a chord with boys that makes them want to see tractors and ultimately to play with their own tractors.

This Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor isn’t just an awesome toy, it is a John Deere awesome toy tractor. Yes. That matters and you know how much. The colors are just like the big John Deeres your boy sees around the countryside and the wheels are big enough and roll well enough that it can work inside or outside.

The wheels are interactive and light up along the lightning strike patterned lights. As the tractor moves along, the lights strike. It is a small and simple toy but it is just the perfect little toy to strike joy in the heart of pretty much any little boy in the world.

Key Features

  • Light-Up Tire Treads
  • Motion Activated Lights
  • Oversized Wheels for Indoor or Outdoor Play


  • Brand: John Deere
  • Model: 46434
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs

Different kinds of toys are fun for different reasons. These simple little monster trucks from Battat are a certain type of fun that make them much more than they might appear at first glance. Sure, there might be something in you that sees mini monster trucks and thinks they are too small.

Don’t dismiss them so quickly, though. First, notice that the wheels are big in relation to the trucks, making them easy to roll through or on any surface. How many little boys love playing in the sand with trucks and such? In the right sandbox, these would be the perfect toys to ride across the hills and mountains for a blast of fun.

How about tub toys? Oh, yes, these little monsters can float across and roll through the water and bubbles of a little boy’s bathtime and create more joy that anyone can foresee from such a small group of toys. Want more goodness from them? They come with their own storage bag. Enough said.

Key Features

  • Great for Sand or Bathtub Play
  • Small and Easy to Grasp
  • Storage Bag Included


  • Brand: Battat
  • Model: BT2521Z
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

Tools and little boys go together and yard tools and little boys fit even more perfectly. Toy Choi’s has brought a great outside pretend tools set to the market that is great for any boy wanting to do realistic outdoor work just like his parents and grandparents might do. It even comes with a nice pair of safety glasses to promote the importance of safety first.

As important and fun as safety is however, a toy chainsaw that has a moving chain and realistic sounds is possibly higher on the list for a little boy’s fun. The chain rotates like a real one and sounds like a real one. Not to worry, though, it won’t cut a piece of paper, much less anything more important.

There are more toys in this set as well, just to ratchet up the fun that much more. It comes with a complete set including the safety glasses and also a little outdoor mask like the pros where. In addition to that, they threw in a tape measure. Because what outdoor cutting tool set is complete without a tape measure? This set is definitely complete and will be tons of fun.

Key Features

  • Realistic Chainsaw Sounds
  • Pretend Chain Actually Moves
  • Safety Glasses and Tape Measure Included


  • Brand: Toy Choi’s
  • Model: T1461
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs

There are two golf sets in this list but they are not the same. This one is more for the serious golfer, as serious as a golfer can be at the age of three. If your little one wants more golf pretend than simply knocking balls all over the room, this set is the one for you. It comes with more than just a few balls and a club.

There are different types of clubs. It includes a driver, iron, and putting type club. For the little boy who knows what golfers do on a small scale, this is a great match for his imagination. The varied clubs and the balls that come with it, all are carried in a golf bag that rolls. It really rolls just like the ones on the golf course.

If your little boy is into golf this much, he also might want a target to put towards. ToyVelt has you covered there too. This set comes with two pins to put or hit towards. It can be fun indoors or outside, depending on the house rules. Any boy who likes golf at an early age, or even one to whom you might want to introduce golf early, will do well with this great toy.

Key Features

  • A variety of Clubs
  • Two Pins to Put Towards
  • Rolling Golf Bag


  • Brand: ToyVelt
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs

Shooting things is fun. It really is just that simple. Little boys with a water pistol can prove that to you. This toy from GoBroBrand takes it to another level. The Bow Arrow Set is an impressive looking but easy to use toy bow and arrow that allows for a little boy to shoot arrows to his heart’s content.

They are safe arrows of course, but they don’t have to be shot towards your walls. There is a target that comes with the set along with six arrows. The arrow loads easily into a hole and shoots out with the press of a button. It is easy and mocks well of a true motion for bow and arrow shooting.

The bow also lights up. Any great toy is made better by lights. This is no different. The target also lights up. It makes for easy, safe, light up, arrow-shooting, and target-hitting good times. Little boys like shooting things anyway. Why not make it safe and even more fun? This toy does all of that in style.

Key Features

  • Six Arrows
  • Easy to See Target
  • Light-Up Easy Bow


  • Brand: GoBroBrand
  • Weight: 1.55 lbs

Little boys like to dress up and play pretend like anyone else. Sometimes they can dress up in a big sister’s clothes and that’s surely fun. But how much more fun would it be for them to dress up in a construction worker’s outfit? Imagine those construction toy sets he already plays with. Now imagine him dressed like a proper construction worker at the same time.

Golden, right? Now add to that the tools that this set comes with. It brings along with it a hammer, a hand saw, and two sets of pliers. The hard hat tops it off, no pun intended. The set is a great imagination starter and would be at home in any little boy’s toy chest.

Now to the best thing. If you don’t know the magic of a little boy and a tool belt, get ready to watch amazing things happen. It’s one of those intangible things like boys and tractors. Give him a tool belt and he will put all kinds of things in it, those included with this set and more. This set comes with a perfect tool belt. It’s a great and complete pretend set.

Key Features

  • Tools Included
  • Realistic Pretending
  • Great Value


  • Brand: iPlay, iLearn
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

ATV riding has been popular as long as there have been men hunting and mudding through the woods in them. Boys in particular love riding them. It is only natural then that little boys would love to ride the smaller, toy version of this big boy toy. Costzon’s ATV Quad provides all of the 4-wheeling fun that any little guy could want.

The wheels provide a great way for your little guy to ride across any smooth surface. That could mean the kitchen floor, or if you want to keep your dishes in one piece, the driveway outside. Kids up to sixty-six pounds are fine to ride this, so it will stick around for a good while.

The controls are workable for any little set of feet and hands. Simple button pushes are easy to use for even a three-year-old to get the toy moving along. The battery, when fully charged, provides upwards of forty or fifty minutes of play time. All things considered, its safe and fun for your little guy.

Key Features

  • Easy to Ride
  • Good for Any Smooth Surface
  • Rated for Kids up to 66 lbs


  • Brand: Costzon
  • Weight: 31 lbs

All little boys still love dinosaurs. If only we could give them their own little dinosaurs for pets. One that wouldn’t grow and destroy the house. Lucky, Windy City Novelties has provided just such a pet. Well, it isn’t a pet. It’s a toy. Their toy dinosaur might as well be a pet for all that it does by itself.

It walks and roars by itself. Your little boy can set it down and it will walk and roar to their heart’s content. This is not as good as this toy gets though. It also lights up along the spikes on the back. Imagine a roaring dinosaur lighting up in three different colors, charging for whatever target your little one aims it towards.

If this doesn’t sound like something you would love, you’ll be glad to know it has an on/off switch as well. Sure, it will be fun. But when the fun is over, it is always good to be able to turn it off and put it away. Until then, let the fun begin.

Key Features

  • Walks and Roars Own its Own
  • Red, Blue, and Green Lights
  • On/Off Toggle Switch


  • Brand: Windy City Novelties
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs

All boys love throwing footballs to their family or friends, or towards pets or other toys. Imagine though, a football that your child can throw that will talk back to him the entire time. He drops back to pass, hail mary, and great catch. The football is capable of doing its own play by play.

It comes with numerous sounds and fun phrases. They don’t just spout out at random either. It is programmed for smart reactions, so that it might say “Hail Mary” when your boy actually lobs the ball a long ways. If he catches it, the ball might say, “Great catch.”

It is soft and plush and almost guaranteed not to break anything around your house. The best part of course is that the toy talks to your child while encouraging physical play. Want them away from their screens for a while? Give them this safe and simple football that will talk their ear off.

Key Features

  • Smart Reactions to Movement
  • Fun Responses and Phrases
  • Safe Softy Plush


  • Brand: Move2Play
  • Model: LMS102
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Who loves to go to the zoo? Kids of course. What would be better is to bring the zoo home to the playroom. That might stink and mess up the carpet however, so pretending is the better way, with Fisher-Price’s Little People Share and Care Safari. This large toy has plenty of space for your little boy to enjoy hours of pretend zoo play.

This safari provides plenty of varied styles of play with the Little People Safari animals that interact with different slides and platforms around the set. Put the toys down and it will make a sound based on the animal that is being put on there.

Not just that but there are slides and other interactive surfaces as well. Six figures come with the set and create instant fun right out of the box. Multiple figures can be added along the way to add to the fun as well. It is a great toy that lasts a very long time.

Key Features

  • Large. 2 Feet Tall
  • Multiple Slides and Platforms
  • Six Figures Included


  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • Model: FHF35
  • Weight: 13.15 lbs

There are few things better than an enjoyable Matchbox garbage truck toy. Make that same garbage truck larger and interactive, and nothing is better for many little boys. This truck has a back that opens and can carry loads of stuff to act as pretend garbage, but the fun doesn’t end there.

There are workable push-lever controls that operate the truck much like a normal garbage truck that boys have seen around town. In addition, it provides realistic sounds to complete the pretend play and make it all the more enjoyable.

The only downside is that your boy might lose a few smaller toys for a day or two at a time until they remember that they put them in their pretend garbage truck. For serious, 3-year-old body-oriented play, you can’t do better than an easily movable, large scale, pretend garbage truck.

Key Features

  • Large Scale Toy Truck
  • Push-Lever Controls
  • Realistic Sounds


  • Brand: Matchbox
  • Model: DWR17
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs

If your little boy likes ride-on toys but you want an option that isn’t motorized, this Tough Trike from Fisher-Price is a great option. It rolls along easily across most surfaces with large and rugged tires. The controls are user-friendly and easy to learn and operate.

This trike will grow well with your three year old and best of all, it carries the all-important Harley Davidson name. By age three, every little boy already knows what a Harley is and might secretly want one. Don’t worry about getting them on a waiting list for a motorcycle just yet. This trike is affordable and just right for their size.

Key Features

  • Kid-Friendly Controls
  • Harley-Davidson Name and Colors
  • Rugged Stable Tires


  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs

Laptops, emails, computers, and ipads are part of life now even for the smallest of boys. For those parents who want to give their boy a chance to start playing on a laptop-type toy but don’t want a literal smartphone in their hands yet, the Leaptop from LeapFrog is a great option.

It is fully personalizable. What child wouldn’t love to hear something announce that they had an email and then read it to them? They all love it and this learning pad provides that joy along with play options that are very educational.

This comes in many colors so you can get one in a color your boy will love, program it to know his name and how to spell it, and so much more. It is a durable and long-lasting toy that he will enjoy learning and playing with for years to come.

Key Features

  • Personalizable
  • Multiple Colors
  • Send and Receive Pretend Emails


  • Brand: LeapFrog
  • Model: 80-19227E
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs