Best Toys and Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

At 7 years old, most boys display a new curiosity and unwavering quest for knowledge.

They’re out of the “why” stage in life, and have now arrived at the “how and where” stage. 

Where does this come from? How does this work?

Seven year old boys are natural explorers. They’re little analysts and scientists. And, now more than ever, a seven year old is confident in expressing his knowledge. He’s gained a sense of pride with every tidbit he’s learned in school or through his daily explorations. 

At the age of seven, he’s become comfortable in his skin, with his friendships, and is now better at playing and conversing with others, as well as playing by himself, if the mood strikes him in that way.

As your little boy grows and matures, so will the need for more advanced toys. You want him to continue to grow, continue to ask “how” and “where”, and continue to explore the world around him.

Here are the 30 top toys and gifts for seven year old boys.

Legos are a time-tested classic, a perfectly suited gift for 7 year old boys.

When a little boy opens a box of Legos at a birthday party or holiday, you can feel the nostalgia for every adult.

Children can mix and match sets of Lego’s, making this choice something they can build on, as the 7 year old’s taste changes.

This is a large set that includes multiple builds: he has options to build a space shuttle, a Mars rover and countless other options. Building options are essentially limitless with Legos.

As with most Lego sets, the set comes complete with instructions for how to build what’s pictured on the box.

In addition, this Lego set comes with two astronaut figures that connect to the other pieces, perfect for extended play time, even after the set is built.

Key Features

  • Two Astronaut Figures Included
  • Builds Multiple Set Pieces
  • Builds Mars Rover and Shuttle


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model:6251708
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces

7 year olds can experience an out-of-this-world style target shooting with gun and target set.

This set comes with 2 soft foam ball blasters, 24 foam balls and 1 standing target. 

Children can enjoy the pump action style foam blaster with friends or practice with the target by themselves.

The Astroshot doesn’t require batteries and is simple to use, making this a perfect gift for seven year old boys and parents alike!

Key Features

  • Pump Action Popper Guns
  • Two Sets of Different Colored Foam Balls
  • Two Guns Included


  • Brand: USA Toyz
  • Weight: 2.37 lbs

One common milestone for this age group is the ability to use creative strategies to solve problems. 

This Lego set from Kluts gives the ability to  ‘Teach Your Lego Bricks New Tricks’, making this an optimal gift for 7 years old boys.

This set turns building with ordinary Legos into an extraordinary task and comes with an instruction booklet that gives clear instructions.

With over thirty Lego pieces, the possibility to build ten moving machines exists. This will indeed bring a ton of new tricks to those regular Legos.

The designs are plentiful and the play possibilities are nearly endless to the mind of a seven year old. This could be one of the best Lego sets you ever buy for a seven year old boy.

Key Features

  • Design and Build Yourself
  • Builds 10 Moving Machines
  • Instruction Booklet Included


  • Brand: Klutz
  • Model: 9780545703307
  • Weight: 2.37 lbs

K’NEX gives the ability to stimulate the child’s imagination, while exercising those problem solving skills, and kids love it. This is a perfect gift for seven year old boys. 

Unlike typical blocks, K’NEX allows children to connect and build in multiple directions, not just up and down. This set supports developmental growth, fine motor skills and spatial awareness. 

The set comes with 480 pieces in total, inside a great storage case. There are real moving pieces that fit together in numerous ways to create simple machines and great looking shapes. 

Children can make up to 35 different models from this set, including vehicles with rolling wheels.

As with all K’NEX products, instructions are included, but the building possibilities are only limited by the imagination. 

Key Features

  • 480 Pieces
  • Convenient Storage Case
  • Real Moving Pieces


  • Brand: K’NEX
  • Model: 12418
  • Weight: 1.36 lbs

AstroShot Gyro brings a new spin to Nerf shooting games. This set comes with a rotating obstacle to spark the child’s imagination while improveing target aiming skills. We all know that little boys love moving pieces, and AstroShot, again, provides the ultimate gift for seven year old boys.

The space-like, Nerf guns that come in this set look amazing, like space blasters straight out of science fiction movie, shooting safe Nerf projectiles towards the included targets.

As previously mentioned, the targets aren’t stationary–they rotate. 

The set comes with extra darts, two blaster guns, and challenging targets, giving the child the option to play alone or share the experience with friends and family. 

Key Features

  • Rotating Targets
  • Two Nerf Guns Included
  • Cool Space Gun Design


  • Brand: USA Toyz
  • Weight: 3.27 lbs

Remote controls are a part of life for a boy who loves to play.  This toy from JOYIN provides a unique type of remote control that doesn’t roll and doesn’t speed across the floor. What it does to however, is roar, making it the perfect gift for the seven year old who loves dinosaurs.

The remote control walking dinosaur is easy to operate with the simple few buttons of the remote. With the push of a few buttons, the dinosaur walks and moves across the floor, shakes its head, makes audible “roars”, and lights up via LED bulbs. 

The toy is interactive, mechanical and durable. It’s also made with non-toxic materials and conforms to US toy safety standards.

Key Features

  • Control Easy to Operate
  • Dinosaur Walks
  • Dinosaur Roars


  • Brand: JOYIN
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs

Boys tend to enjoy building things with their hands. So many toys have STEM learning features, and this one is no different. However, this is more than just a STEM building toy. This set of building blocks and tools gives the option to build two possible vehicles.

One vehicle option is a great looking semi truck that will roll over real obstacles. The second option is a cab over truck that also rolls over things in its way.

Control each of them with a remote control so that even after the fun and instructional building is finished, the fun has only just begun.

Key Features

  • Builds a Semi Truck or Cab Over Truck
  • DIY Remote Control Truck
  • Once Built, Moves Well and Climbs Over Obstacles


  • Brand: Kididdo
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs

Lego has a great offer that provides more than the normal “Lego build”. If your seven year old boy enjoys building challenges and showing off his masterpieces, this will be the perfect gift.

Once the task is completed, the underwater robot will be cool enough to transition into  decorative staple on his bookshelf.

This provides three in one entertainment. One is an underwater crane that looks the part of something your boy could use in great pretend play. Another is something everybody loves and that is a submarine. What seven year old boy doesn’t like the idea of a submarine in his toy box or on his toy shelf?

Finally, this builds an underwater robot. This robot looks amazing and is a great option for pretend play. Give him three options, with 207 pieces, and endless hours of satisfying fun ahead of him with this great Lego set.

Key Features

  • Builds 3 Different Creations
  • 207 Pieces
  • Compatible With Other Lego Pieces


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6250785
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces

Watch any 7 year old’s imagination soar with the ability to build his or her own fort. Everest Toys: Crazy Forts provides the necessary tools to create different structures.

Once the child secures the frame, the structure can hold sheets or whatever lightweight covering the child opts for that day.

This is super awesome for indoor forts and for pretending. Children may use the set to make virtually any shape. One day a cave, the next a car, and even a ship the next.

The child simply connects the balls and sticks to begin the adventure. The pieces fit together tightly and hold together well.

If you looking for a gift for a seven year old boy who loves to make forts, this should be a no-brainer. Forget sheets in drawers and other ways to build odd shaped forts. With this structure-building set, the fort possibilities continue for days

Key Features

  • Changes Sound of Voice
  • Four Different Voice Changes
  • Also Amplifies Voice


  • Brand: Toysmith
  • Model: 1378
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces

Watch any 7 year old’s imagination soar with the ability to build his or her own fort. Everest Toys: Crazy Forts provides the necessary tools to create different structures.

Once the child secures the frame, the structure can hold sheets or whatever lightweight covering the child opts for that day.

This is super awesome for indoor forts and for pretending. Children may use the set to make virtually any shape. One day a cave, the next a car, and even a ship the next.

The child simply connects the balls and sticks to begin the adventure. The pieces fit together tightly and hold together well.

If you looking for a gift for a seven year old boy who loves to make forts, this should be a no-brainer. Forget sheets in drawers and other ways to build odd shaped forts. With this structure-building set, the fort possibilities continue for days.

Key Features

  • Rigid Frame for Tent-Forts
  • Great for Indoor Forts
  • Great for Pretend Play


  • Brand: Crazy Forts
  • Model: CF1
  • Weight: 1.98 lbs

Provide a fully-loaded tactical vest set for any Nerf loving child. This gives children the ability to carry extra ammo and Nerf bullets for their Nerf battles to come.

The bandolier-style shoulder sling lets the child carry extra darts and mags. This gives a leg up on the competition by enabling two loaded guns at once.

The set comes with several pockets that strap on easily and securely. It also comes with a vest, dart pouch, tactical mask, reload clips, protective glasses, wrist band, and 30 refill darts.

This set works best with N-Strike Elite blaster and most of the original NStrike blasters. This makes the perfect gift for 7 year old boys preparing for the ultimate Nerf battles.

Key Features

  • Vest Has Several Pockets
  • Carry Nerf Ammo
  • Great for Dress-up Play


  • Brand: UWantMe
  • Weight: 9.6 lbs

Some toys are fun because they look cool and draw attention. This is one such toy.

The gloves come with 6 color options and 3 modes. Modes include flashing every color, steady colors, and all colors at once. If your child wants his gloves to beat to the music, these gloves do that, as well.

The discreet, easy to change battery lasts up to 10 hours at a time. Made from a breathable material, these gloves will be a hit any time of the year for seven year old boys!

Key Features

  • Multiple Colors
  • Six Exciting Modes
  • Multiple Light-Up Modes


  • Brand: Maoxin
  • Weight:  2.4 ounces

This hand operated drone is a high-tech gadget that any tecky seven year old boy would love.

The drone will remain suspended in the air or fly in various directions, according to its sensors.

When tossed correctly, this gadget has the ability to boomerang right back.

The colorful LED lights flash during flight, making the drone even more “other-worldly”. Any seven year old boy would surely jump at the chance to own his own drone.

Watch it fly and zoom right back, while lighting up the room, the entire time.

Key Features

  • Boomerangs Back to You
  • Lights Up
  • Easy to Throw and Catch


  • Brand: CPSYUB
  • Weight:  2.08 ounces

Magnetic dartboards deliver the fun of a real dartboard in a kid-safe environment. These are more affordable than real dartboards but still allow children to work on hand-eye coordination.

Luckily, Doinkit Darts is a great option for fun with the use of six magnetic darts. The darts are made from a light, durable plastic that’s virtually indestructible. This becomes a valuable quality to parents of most seven year old boys.

Featured on several “top dartboard” sites, voters choose this set for most realistic time and time again.

The kit comes with an easy-to-use hook for installation. The board is light enough to hang on most surfaces without damaging them.

Key Features

  • Safe for Kids and Walls
  • 6 Magnetic Darts Included
  • Great for Game Night


  • Brand: Marky Sparky
  • Model: 90008
  • Weight:  1.6 lbs

Good guys and bad guys is an age old classic game, played by little boys around the world. With this Police Station Building Blocks set, imaginations run wild from the comfort of their own home.

All total there are 900 pieces in this set that fit inside the included case. Create police barracks, officer and burglar figures, jail cells, vehicles, and much more. By following the instructions, kids can make up to eight different models.

This set is great for enhancing motor function, creativity, communication, as they enjoy hours of architectural experimentation.

You can’t go wrong with this Toys City Police Station set of blocks as a gift for seven year old boys.

Key Features

  • 900 Pieces
  • Builds 8 Different Models
  • Storage Bucket


  • Brand: EP Exercise in Play
  • Weight:  2.84 lbs

7 year old boys love building and cars. How about a set of building materials that allow them to create their own car? This set from Kididdo gives him that and much more, including all the benefits of STEM toys.

The pull and go technology allows for mechanical learning that he will use to make the car from the ground up. The challenge of it will be great for his mind and his learning, but the fun of it will be great for his play time. There are 193 pieces in the set, allowing for plenty of options and plenty of fun.

Key Features

  • 193 Pieces
  • DIY Car That Rolls
  • Great for Creativity


  • Brand: Kididdo
  • Weight:  15.2 ounces

USA Toyz 3 in 1 World Globe has earned the STEM authenticated trust-mark.

This illuminated world globe is save for all ages, but seem to spark the interest of seven year old boys the most.

The globe shifts from a standard globe to featuring 88 total constellations.

In constellation mode, the globe turns into a black night sky with LED labeled constellations.

The globe comes complete with chromed steel base and easy to access switch. It’s also made of high quality materials with attention to detail. This might be a great addition for fun, learning, and nightlight goodness.

Key Features

  • Features 88 Constellations
  • 3-in-1 Includes Standard Globe
  • Features Nightlight
  • UL-Certified 
  • Replaceable LED Light
  • STEM Authenticated


  • Brand: USA Toyz
  • Weight:  1 lb

This is surely the perfect gift for any small soccer fan.

These battle robots allow them to bring that love of soccer inside to a great and easy to play tabletop game that makes use of robots.

Assemble the goals easily and put the guides on the robots. Then the remote controls are used to move the ball around on the table towards the goal. The ball rests in front of the robot and at the push of a button, boom, the robot kicks the ball towards the goal.

Whether scoring or rushing to bump and block their opponent, these battling bots will provide hours of entertainment.

It’s a great toy for a birthday party or just for playing with siblings at home, this set is a sure-in for the soccer family!

Key Features

  • 2 Remote Control Robots Included
  • Includes Team Stickers
  • Soccer Balls and Cones Included


  • Brand: USA Toyz
  • Weight:  1 lb

Seven year old boys are drawn to this out-of-this-world monster theme park science kit. The set is jam packed full of learning, fast acting physics experiments. It also helps begin the practice of engineering and simple machine building. Using this toy, kids will begin learning principles of chemistry, physics, mechanics, electricity, kinetic energy, all while having a blast.

With several chain reactions, this is always the first gift that seven year old boys want to un-box first. With the versatility of this product, the child won’t be bored easily. 

Key Features

  • Over 440 Pieces
  • STEM Learning
  • Fun Racing Tracks
  • STEM Authenticated


  • Brand: Playz
  • Weight:  8 lbs

STEAM Life Kids provides on the of the most realistic toy tool sets you can get. One look at this and your seven year old boy will want a shop to pretend in. Bright red colors make it stand out and resemble real life tools.

In addition to tools that look great and play great, the power drill toy that is included is one of the best ones you’ll see. This thing looks like it could do anything a regular power drill can do. The tool box that comes with it completes a great set that will last for your boy until he has a real tool box of his own.

Key Features

  • Tool Box Included
  • Realistic Tools
  • Great Power Toy Drill


  • Brand: STEAM Life
  • Weight:  1.55 lbs

Every fun moment in a child’s life doesn’t have to involve a tablet, something with a screen, or even a set of blocks. Some seven year old boys enjoy reading something awesome.

This great encyclopedia from DK is a great book for seven year old boys to flip through during rest time or any time, for that matter.

Despite a ton of information, this isn’t like the giant paper weights that passed for encyclopedia’s decades ago. This one provides all of the best information for your little guy in more of a storybook feel. This way, he can enjoy looking at it, reading it, or having it read to him. For those times he wants to curl up with a book, this will be what he reaches for. 

Key Features

  • Encyclopedia with Storybook Feel
  • Learn How People Say Hello Around the World
  • Full of Great Pictures


  • Brand: DK
  • Weight:  2.7 lbs

This game machine will strike all the right feelings inside of you, as an adult, but the fun will be for seven year old boys. 

Think of all the fun you had in the car or in your room with your handheld game machine. Now, TAPDRA gives young ones the same opportunity we had growing up. It also provides a common ground, a topic of conversation over dinner. 

Technology has improved however, so games can be changed by the pressing of a few buttons instead of keeping track of a bunch of game cartridges. There are a total of 400 games on the handheld game machine from TAPDRA. It has rechargeable batteries and of course, the retro design that everyone will love. It’s a can’t miss.

Key Features

  • Great Looking Retro Design
  • 400 Games Included
  • Rechargeable Batteries


  • Brand: TAPDRA
  • Weight:  1.28 lbs

7 year old boys, specifically, love having cool sports watches. And, this one from Dreamingbox has everything one could possibly want, at that age. 

The face of the watch looks super cool and has a ton of features. The days of the week are shown in a nice circular pattern, and a digital display along with normal watch hands.

The watch features an alarm, mode button, and a knob to spin and set the watch time. He can turn the alarm on or off if you allow it and the light button controls the back-lighting feature (which we all low-key used to think was awesome).

The tiny gadget is water resistant up to five meters and generally looks great for any little boy.

Times are changing, but the love for watches stays the same.

Key Features

  • Awesome Watch Face
  • Includes Light and Alarm
  • Displays Day of the Week


  • Brand: Dreamingbox
  • Weight:  5.1 ounces

This is just one of the most awesome things you’ll ever see. The idea that it happens to be something your seven year old boy will love is just a bonus. A magnetic system allows pennies and coins to be pieced together in any number of ways. They stick together like absolute magic and make tons of possible designs.

There is no right or wrong way to use this. You don’t have to be as great at manipulating the system as the videos show to have fun with this. Instead of just tossing all of the pennies and coins into a piggy bank, your boy will have the option of putting something together with magnetic fields and magic. Okay, it isn’t exactly magic, but to a seven year old boy, it may as well be.

Key Features

  • Build Amazing Coin Towers
  • Explore How Magnets Work
  • Easy to Use


  • Brand: Dowling Magnets
  • Model: DO-736500
  • Weight: 8 ounces

If your boy loves Marvel heroes or even has a general enjoyment for hero stories or comics, this game would be a great option for a lot of fun.

The game isn’t a long one, which is great for times when you want to play a game but don’t want to take out half the day to do so. “I Can Do That” can also be good option for a quick family game night.

There are forty-five activity cards to challenge what you and your seven year old boy can do. Can you strike a Spider-Man pose or pretend to swing Thor’s hammer? This imaginative game is a fun and splendid option to fill a little time and put a little action into game night.

Key Features

  • Fun and Quick Game
  • 45 Activity Cards Included
  • Great for Family Game Night


  • Brand: Wonder Forge
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces

It won’t be long before the sweet seven year old starts to outgrow activity books, so snag this one while you can.

Whether for a long car ride, in a waiting room, or even in their own bedrooms, little ones can enjoy the of fun of simply doodling in an activity book.

This one takes that to another level of enjoyment for the Star Wars fan in your life.

Lego Star Wars activity book also asks fun quiz questions and tells jokes throughout the rest of the normal activity book fun.

Key Features

  • Coloring Pages
  • Fun Jokes and Dialogue
  • Great Quiz Questions


  • Brand: Ameet Studio
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Kids can bring their favorite Minecraft characters to life through this LEGO Zombie Cave set. 

If the seven year old boy in your life loves Minecraft, this is a great building set to grab for him. Minecraft and Legos are a match made in toy heaven, but this isn’t just a bunch of Minecraft blocks, this set makes a zombie cave (which is kindof a big deal for Minecraft people).

The 241 piece set builds a great looking zombie cave. A few fun functions exist after it is built. There are a few ways to interact with it, including exploding TNT. Not to worry, it probably won’t blow the playroom wall out. It might just be the perfect cure for a lazy Saturday afternoon, though.

Key Features

  • Exploding TNT Function
  • 241 Pieces
  • Build and Interact With Set


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6212474
  • Weight: .96 ounces

Hot Wheels has and always will be a hot item for seven year old boys. Of those awesome Hot Wheels cars, tracks, and toys, none could be more fun than this one.

After all, what can be more fun than fast, looping curves, and crash zones?

Yes, crash zones are as fun as they sound. As the cars zoom around the big sweeping curves and loops, they swing back through the center and go directly through a crash zone. If there happens to be another car zooming around at the same time, you know what might just happen. The anticipation is enough to give your boy, his friends, and his siblings, tons of hours of fun.

Key Features

  • Smashing and Crashing Action
  • 3 Different Crash Zones
  • Sweeping Loops and Curves


  • Brand: Hot Wheels
  • Model: CDL45
  • Weight: 4.92 lbs

When it comes to lego builds, this one is just a little different than most. The Marvel Avengers War Machine Buster is much more than just a load of Legos stacked on top of each other. This one will grab other Legos. 

Most seven year old boys enjoy Legos and love Marvel. So, especially if the kid likes both, this is probably one of the best Lego sets you will ever buy.

The set contains 362 pieces in total and gives the special boy in your life the ability to build something extraordinary. Who knows? He could possibly create his favorite Marvel superhero.

Key Features

  • Great for Pretend Play
  • Grips Other Lego Men
  • 362 Pieces


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6251481
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces

Electrical charges have never been used for anything this awesome before. Electricity itself might not be this cool. If your seven year old boy is a fan of Star Wars, this is the perfect toy. It isn’t close. Just look at the name. Jedi Force Levitator. Yes, it is just that.

It will push and pull the object in the air via the Force itself. Well, it isn’t actually the Force, but it is close enough. By use of a stick that has electrical charges surrounding it, the object moves around.

If you have always wanted to buy the perfect toy for a Star Wars fan, this is the end of your shopping. Pretend play, imagination, pushing and pulling something with the ‘Force’, it just does not get any better than this great toy Levitator.

Key Features

  • Uses Electrical Charges to Move Objects
  • Force Pull
  • Force Push


  • Brand: Uncle Milton
  • Model: 15201
  • Weight: 12 ounces