Best Toys and Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

It was just yesterday that you brought him home from the hospital. At least it seems like it. But no, it has been six years and your little baby is a six year old boy. He might be reading a few small books. He is better at using his hands and can probably focus a little better than he could a year ago.

They grow up so fast but one thing that doesn’t change is that they love to play. His play habits might be largely the same in some areas but there are a lot of toys he will be able to have more fun with this year as he somehow keeps getting bigger. Here are the 30 top toys and gifts for six year old boys.

So much of what is available now couldn’t even be conceived of years ago. A perfect example is this globe from Shifu. This interactive globe tops number one on our list for top gifts for 6 year old boys. 

The augmented reality interactive globe makes use of app-based augmented reality to produce an interactive learning experience perfect for any 6 year old.

He can open the interactive app on any iOS or Android device by holding it up to the globe. The screen takes over from there. Viewing the globe without the app shows a globe. Viewing the glove with the app’s view-finder shows a lot more than a normal globe.

Key Features

  • App Based Interactive Learning
  • Compatible With iOS and Android
  • Fun and Educational Globe


  • Brand: Shifu
  • Model: Shifu014
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs

Six year old boys are getting better every year at controlling toys via remotes.

This year, he can take a step way up to a better, faster, more awesome remote control car from GotechoD. 

There are two rechargeable batteries included, so an adult can charge one set, while the controller runs the other set down.

The tires are off-road capable, so the car can move easily on various surfaces, including those outdoors.

Why is this remote control car different? Simple. It travels up to 15 miles an hour. GotechoD provides remote control cars on another level, and this one certainly qualifies.

Key Features

  • Off Road Capable
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • Reaches Up to 15 Mph


  • Brand: GotechoD
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs

For all of the advanced and wonderful toys you can buy today, there is still something wonderful about drawing and writing things down with pen and paper. Pencils and pens get lost and crayons are best for coloring. 

Matesy has a solution and a great drawing tablet, making the perfect choice of gifts for six year old boys. This LCD writing tablet is easy to write on. He can simply draw, scribble, write, or whatever he wants on the surface. That surface allows ease of use while producing zero radiation or glare.

Best of all, once he gets finished and wants to start over, there isn’t a messy clean-up process. It isn’t magical in a way that leaves half a dozen napkins dirty. This clean-up takes place with the press of one button. Then he can start all over, creating his next series of masterpieces.

Key Features

  • Easy to Write On Surface
  • One-Touch Delete
  • LCD Screen Without Glare or Radiation


  • Brand: Matesy
  • Weight: 4.6 Ounces

Chances are, Legos have seen their time around most six year old boys. Marvel makes a ton of great gifts for 6 year old boys, and this is certainly no exception. 

This is a great set if you have a Spider-Man fan on your hands. This set will let him build a Spider-Man rescue bike with easy to follow directions.

Whether you let him try it or do it himself, or you assist now and then, once it is together, it rolls. Not just that. It also comes with three superhero mini-figures he can use along with the set. All together there are 235 pieces in this very fun and attractive set from LEGO.

Key Features

  • Includes 3 Superhero Minifigures
  • 235 Pieces
  • LEGO Compatible


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6251072
  • Weight: 1.12 Ounces

This set of building materials is more than just a few blocks being placed onto the other blocks. This set is a STEM building set that makes five different creations while teaching your child little things about engineering and building that he won’t even know he is learning.

He won’t know because he’ll be having fun with the airplane he built, or one of the other four possibilities. The six year old boy in your life might need a tiny bit of help with some of these creations and games, but the age range starts at five, so he might be able to tackle it himself, as well.

One thing is for sure. Whether he does it on his own or needs help, fun will be had while building is done. This is one of our personal favorite gifts for 6 year old boys. 

It builds an airplane, a car, a helicopter, a motorcycle, and a tractor. Everything fits in a nice carrying case, including the well-written instructions that lead to these great toys, made by your six year old’s own hands.

Key Features

  • Multi-Age Game
  • Several Models Buildable
  • STEM Learning


  • Brand: WIM-WINS
  • Weight: 2.02 lbs

This toy drone is a great find from Asani. It isn’t a regular drone. You won’t be watching an expensive thing from a computer store crashing into the ground while you cringe and your wallet screams at you. This is a much better design, making it a great option for bet toys for 6 year old boys. 

This tiny drone makes a great little toy for small ones. A couple of button presses get this started and once it starts, the fun really begins. Hand-controlled flight allows for a truly unique playing experience. The drone flies when turned on and when your child presses the remote control button.

Then he sets that to the side and just puts his hands up. When the drone senses it is close to a hand, it moves. Imagine kids tossing this back and forth but instead of actually tossing it, they are just putting their hand up and it moves back and forth. There are a ton of great possibilities.

Key Features

  • Hand-Controlled Flight
  • Rechargeable Battery Included
  • Remote Control Technology


  • Brand: Asani
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs

A new spin on a classic piggy bank twist makes one of the top gifts for 6 year old boys.

Usually the coins get tossed in easily enough but dollar bills can be a pain. This bank not only holds bills, but it has a slot that allows for dollar bills to be inserted just like at an ATM.

It also holds plenty of coins and has a number pad on the front. It is true, you can help him create a code and that is how it opens. There are also more simple ways of getting in, just in case the parent needs access. You know how that goes. I can store 100 bills and up to 600 coins at one time. If you think your boy needs a spin on his other normal piggy banks, this is a great option.

Key Features

  • Stores Paper Money and Coins
  • Deposit Bills into Slot
  • Number Pad for Code


  • Brand: HUSAN
  • Model: 10100752
  • Weight: 1.39 lbs

Paw Patrol has been a staple of most any little boy’s life by the time he gets to age six. Still, he always wants just one more unique toy to add to his collection. This rescue police cruiser might just be the perfect addition to his stash of Paw Patrol fun-time toys.

The cruiser itself looks pretty standard. It is Chase’s normal blue and designed like what your six year old boy sees on the screen. In addition to that, however, it comes with six pups. Not just regular, standard pups, but each pup is dressed in a police team outfit, making this a collector’s ideal toy.

There is still more. The cruiser itself comes with a working guardrail that unfolds to block the road. The cab itself is usable and moveable. Each of the six pups fit somewhere on the cruiser, anywhere your six year old desires to put them.

Key Features

  • Six Pups Included
  • Working Cab and Guardrail
  • Working Wench


  • Brand: Paw Patrol
  • Model: 6054870
  • Weight: 1.46 lbs

Transformers are awesome. They always have been and they still are today. This isn’t just a normal everyday transformer however. Big Mo’s Toys provides a transformer that is literally a five-in-one massive load of great transforming fun.

Your six year old boy can play with five different transformers. Each of the unique tractor, construction themed trucks transforms into a character shape. They also fold up and become the arms, legs, and back of the massive five in one transformer figure.

These look great and are easy to transform. When your boy wants a construction crew setup, but also wants to play with figures, and transformers, this is possibly the only option that can fulfill them all in one toy.

Key Features

  • Includes 5 Transformable Robot Trucks
  • All Combine into 1 Big Transformer
  • Easy to Transform


  • Brand: Big Mo’s Toys
  • Weight: 2.76 lbs

In the same area of playing with construction trucks, this option from BAZOVE has six total vehicles, including a crane, a front loader, a concrete truck, a dump truck and more. You can probably had your six year old boy a handful of construction trucks and let him go. That is a fine option.

This option is better than that however. There is a huge cargo airplane that will carry each and every piece in this set. Also, the set doesn’t only include the construction trucks. It includes various props and other set pieces that would be vital to an hour of pretend play with construction toys.

There are a ton of things that can be done with this set. Just about anything your six year old boy thinks of would be fun with this set of toys. Just get them out and let his imagination take him away into the air, or the construction site, or both. The airplane is a great storage place as well.

Key Features

  • Includes 6 Construction Vehicles
  • Transport Plane With Lights and Sounds
  • Plane Rolls after Pushing with Inertia Wheel


  • Brand: BAZOVE
  • Weight: 2.12 lbs

Remote control cars are fun. Robots are fun. Transformers are fun. Ursulan thought they might just combine all three options into one amazing toy. This would be a great remote control car by itself. It would hold its own as a transformer or a robot as well. But this isn’t that simple.

It is much cooler than those three because this is a remote control, transforming robot that is controllable with the remote control. In case you’re already wondering how difficult it would be to transform this from a car to a robot, put those worries away. It is as simple as pressing a button.

In the odd case that pressing a button on the remote control is too bothersome, holding your hand over the car will also activate it and force it to transform as well. It rips around curves, turns 360 degrees, and power slides around with ease. Simply put: it’s amazing.

Key Features

  • Transforms With Press of Button
  • Lights Up
  • Turns 360 Degrees and Drifts


  • Brand: Ursulan
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs

What if your six year old boy could throw a ball so high it never came down? You’d just have to buy another one. That’s why YEZI stopped at about fifteen feet in the air with this hovering, flying ball. Playing ball just went to the next level.

This set comes with two balls that each fly independently. It is controllable with an easy to use remote control. Of course, all your six year old boy has to do is turn it on and press one button. The ball takes off and does the rest.

Sensors keep it flying around as long as it is turned on and has battery life. In addition to that, they light up brilliantly as well. When it hits something, it turns off automatically to avoid damage. Hey, how about playing ball on the ground and in the air at the same time? Now, at least, it’s possible.

Key Features

  • Includes 2 Flying Balls
  • Hovers Up to 15 Feet
  • Easy to Control with Remote


  • Brand: YEZI
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces

We all love a remote control bulldozer. Sure, we do. Now, the idea that it is a toy means that it doesn’t really move things around and doesn’t literally bulldoze like the awesome dozers in real life do. Except yes it does. No really, take a look.

This extreme motorized dozer has lights and sounds that make it look and sound like a small scale model of the real deal. It can roll through almost any surface, just like its real world counterpart. So what separates this from the real thing? Well, the real one is a little bigger.

That’s about it. This toy truck dozer can push or pull up to 200 lbs. Want help moving some dirt or sticks, or bricks around? This thing will do it. You will have to make sure your six year old boy doesn’t use his dozer to mow down his siblings things. Other than that, this might be the most realistic toy he’s ever had. It’s a bulldozer that bulldozes.

Key Features

  • Push or Pull up to 200 lbs
  • Plows Through Dirt and More
  • LED Lights and Sounds


  • Brand: Xtreme Power Dozer
  • Model: 96782
  • Weight: 10.2 lbs

LEGO makes cool things that allow your six year old boy to make cool things too. That’s what this set is too. It is a police mobile command center with lots of additions and pretend play options. Before all of that, he gets the joy of following easy directions and building it himself.

There are a total of 374 pieces and they include some really neat things. The coolest thing in the set is the police cruiser itself which looks amazing and rolls around just like a model police cruiser. In addition, it comes with both sets of figures a set like this would need. 

You’ll get both police figures and criminal figures. If your six year old boy likes Legos and police figures, this is the set of Legos for him. If he also likes to pretend playing cops and robbers then it is just that much more perfect. You can’t go wrong with a great set of Legos.

Key Features

  • 374 Pieces
  • Includes Police Figures
  • Includes Criminal Figures


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6174395
  • Weight: 1.01 lbs

If you have looked for curved Hot Wheels track pieces lately, you might have found them more difficult to find than you imagined. For whatever reason, they aren’t as simple to buy as they once were. Why do we need curves in a Hot Wheels track? Because we want the cars to have a chance to crash of course.

You might or might not, but your six year old boy almost certainly does, enjoy the idea of crashing cars together. This track set from Hot Wheels proves that they also know how much fun crashing cars can be.

It has four loops that feed cars around and back through the center for a chance at slamming into one another. There is a total of sixteen feet of track that goes together in this most wonderful way. It is awesome to watch and see if the cars will make it through or crash together and this track set captures that fact beautifully.

Key Features

  • Car Feeder
  • 4 Way Loops and Crash Areas
  • Includes 16 Feet of Track


  • Brand: Hot Wheels
  • Model: DTN42
  • Weight: 1.85 lbs

Whether you like hearing your own voice as an adult is certainly different from one person to the next. That isn’t true of little guys though. Most every six year old boy in the world likes the idea of recording himself saying something and then listening to it over and over. He could do it for hours.

Most of those same six year old boys then would like this robot from Sopu. First, it is a robot. Come on, you can’t really go wrong there as far as presents are concerned. The robot part of this toy is impressive by itself. The joints spin around 360 degrees. It lights up and produces sounds.

Add to that the ability to record and play back the voice of your six year old boy and you have a toy he will love and play with often. It’s a great option for more than one child or if your boy likes to spend time playing by himself from time to time. This is great for both.

Key Features

  • Repeats Voice
  • 360 Degree Joints
  • Cool Lights and Sounds


  • Brand: Sopu
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces

No matter how many computers and ipads and tablets are created, nothing will ever totally take the place of coloring. Many adults even find out when they have kids that they still enjoy coloring when they take the time to do so with their child or grandchild. 

This set from Crayola has everything your six year old boy could need or even want for an afternoon of nice and quiet coloring. This set comes with a great carrying case with beautiful artwork. Inside it just gets better.

Coloring sheets fit inside along with so many coloring tools, your six year old boy will not want for a thing. There are tons of crayons, plenty of colored pencils, and every washable marker he could want. All are the best quality, made by Crayola, and all fit right there in the carrying case.

Key Features

  • Colored Pencils and Crayons Included
  • Washable Markers Included
  • Coloring Sheets and Carrying Case


  • Brand: Crayola
  • Model: 04-3315
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces

Shooting toy guns can be fun. It almost always is. Laser tag is an option away from the house but it can now be an option at your house as well with these two guns from moty. This set comes with two laser guns that light up and make sound. 

Shooting each other with lasers is easy enough to understand it is always fun, but this does go another step. There are drones included with each gun that can be used as a target as well. This allows for four tag game settings to mix up the usual, also fun, shooting each other with lasers.

Do you want your six year old boy running around shooting everything with a nerf gun? It isn’t too bad, but nothing is cleaner than shooting lights. No clean up. Nobody gets hurt. You cannot miss with this set of laser tag guns and drones from moty. Give it a look.

Key Features

  • Two Blasters Included
  • 4 Tag Game Settings
  • Sounds and Lights


  • Brand: moty
  • Weight: 1.85 lbs

It has been established that robots and remote control toys are fun. WomToy has a spin on both in one package with the addition of a little do-it-yourself assembly. This robot is easy to assemble and in the process your six year old boy can enjoy learning about assembly of awesome robots.

After that, the real fun begins. The remote control is not handheld, but wrist-worn. It fits the wrist like a watch and is controlled with motion created by the movement of the wrist and via buttons located on the surface of the remote watch.

The robot rotates and moves around with ease. It also sings songs, plays music, and more. His eyes flash when he hears speech and he can record and playback long stretches of what your six year old boy says. All the while, a little twist of the wrist makes the robot move as directed. It’s a can’t miss for sure.

Key Features

  • Wrist Remote Control
  • 4G Control Allows Multiple Robots to Play
  • Control Robot with Movement of Wrist


  • Brand: WomToy
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs

We have all seen yard ride-on toys aplenty. They are awesome and varied in style. The market is far from stale on the most simple and standard ride-on toy. However, this ride on toy from Rollplay is a completely new vehicle and a brand new experience.

Your six year old can safely sit in the seat atop the Nighthawk and hold handles to either side. Wheels underneath carry the ride-on along while it is steered by your child leaning on the seat one way or the other. It can’t be compared to much of anything. Take a look at it. It seems to be out of the next century at first glance.

It isn’t too far gone to be safe however. The bars and the steering design keep your boy safe while he is in the saddle and leaning it into circles all around the driveway. If your child likes ride-on toys but wants a little something completely new, this is a great option all around.

Key Features

  • Lean to Steer
  • Start and Stop Pedals
  • Safety Handle Bars


  • Brand: Rollplay
  • Model: W501-W
  • Weight: 20.5 lbs

Years ago you might have had one of those toys that you could water and watch the grass grow. You know the one. Technology has increased since then and your six year old boy can have a level of satisfaction and fun with this terrarium kit that you couldn’t have imagined while watching grass grow on a weird-shaped head.

Inside a small enclosure, your child can grow a mini garden for real. It comes with little DIY garden tools and all he will need to create his own little garden. Few things in life are more satisfying than planting things and watching them grow. This kit gives that gift to anyone who uses it.

As if what happens inside of the tank isn’t enough, there are stickers included to allow him to decorate the outside however he likes as well. Whether your boy is headed for a career making new advances in gardening technology or he only plays with this one for a few years, it could be one of the coolest shelf decorations in your child’s room.

Key Features

  • Grow Mini Garden
  • Comes with Stickers
  • DIY Mini Garden Tools Included


  • Brand: Moody Goat
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs

Ontel Magic Tracks are great fun and easy to put together. This one however, is just a little bit extreme. It’s right there in the name, Mega Xtreme. And it is. It is mega and extreme. At 360 pieces, your six year old boy will have up to 18 feet of speedway track for his cars to race on. The track also glows in the dark. There are two cars included in the set and the car headlights work on them as they roll around the track. 

The track can be built up into a bridge-crossing amazement of fun for your boy. Because he is six, he should be able to mostly put it together by himself however he wants, in whatever way he wants. Just following the standard build gives him a great track. From there, with a great imagination, the sky’s the limit to the fun he could have.

Key Features

  • 2 Race Cars Included
  • Glow in the Dark Track
  • 360 Pieces of Track


  • Brand: Ontel
  • Model: MTM-MC4/2
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs

Spider-Man toys are as cool as the figure they are modeled after. Six year old boys all over the world like the down-to-earth hero for most of their childhoods. Naturally, that means that boys want and love to play with toys that have his likeness. This Spider Cycle is just cool. Not much can be said about it that isn’t included in those words.

A six inch Spider-Man figure is included. There are three different vehicle modes in this one cycle, making it a shape-shifter of sorts. It rolls like any Spider Cycle should in one mode. In another mode it can be turned into a type of spider crawler with a launcher. In case you wondered, the launcher mode really does launch something with the press of a button. What’s not to love?

Key Features

  • 6 Inch Spider-Man Figure Included
  • 3 Vehicle Modes
  • Launcher Mode Launches Projectile


  • Brand: Spider-Man
  • Model: E0593
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs

This Lego set builds a rocket truck. That’s all your six year old boy would need to know. Honestly, that would sell it. Rocket truck Lego set equals buy it for him. It just does. If you need to know more about it though, take a look below.

There are a total of 198 pieces to this set, making it a decent size but not huge. The smallish truck that it builds looks great and rolls around like any rocket truck toy built at a factory. The wheels are large enough to allow for easy rolling on various surfaces and the spoiler is adjustable. 

Sure, there might be a toy rocket somewhere that really blows fire, but your boy wouldn’t be able to put that one together on his own. This one, he can build with his own hands and then play with it. Also, it is a rocket truck.

Key Features

  • Build it Yourself LEGOs
  • Adjustable Spoiler
  • Big Wheels for Easy Rolling


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6288728
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces

Building with blocks is fun and rewarding in its own way but building with a kit such as this one from Panthera teaches engineering skills while rewarding in the normal ways. If that isn’t as exciting to hear for a six year old boy, just tell him it climbs over different terrain and obstacles. That should do it.

Assembling this car teaches your child as well as encourages him that he can build something cool and amazing on his own. Of course, you can help if you choose to, but this is designed to be a toy that can be built by your child and then enjoyed by him.

Just think of the excitement he would feel while watching this car climb over pebbles, different terrain, and more, knowing all the time that he built it with his own hands. What a great toy it can be, climbing over things with its impressive battery powered drive wheels! That it teaches engineering skills in the process is only a plus.

Key Features

  • 4WD Climbing Car
  • Learn While You Assemble
  • Battery Powered


  • Brand: Panthera
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces

GotechoD has already appeared once on this list and this is another great remote control vehicle from them. This one isn’t a race car or something else you might have seen a lot of times however. This one is in the style of a military truck and it is amazing.

This isn’t just done in a style. It is a near exact replica of a military truck. The design is so good the picture could almost look like the real deal with the correct background behind it. Military trucks will ride across multiple types of ground so this remote control version does the same, with all terrain tires.

In addition to how great it looks and how much fun it is for any six year old boy, this truck has one more bonus. It is fast. Not just a little quick for a remote control truck. This truck is capable of speeds between 15 and 25 miles per hour!

Key Features

  • Realistic Army Truck Design
  • High Speed
  • All Terrain Tires


  • Brand: GotechoD
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs

Playing pretend is as fun now as it has been for decades and even centuries past. Kids love playing dress up. For a girl that might mean anything from a ballet dancer to a princess. While boys dress up as all kinds of things, the biggest winner on a six year old boy dress up list is superheroes.

Boys love superheroes and pretending to save the day is as much fun when your six as really saving it every could be. This set comes with a total of eight capes with two sides printed on in clear and obvious representation of the character. Each cape comes with a matching mask as well.

This is great for pretending and dressing up. You couldn’t get a better addition to your boy’s dress up clothes and pretend play gear if you searched for the rest of the year. He will have a ton of fun dressing up as each hero or even mixing and matching as he wishes. This set gives him tons of options.

Key Features

  • 8 Capes and Masks Included
  • Two-Sided Cape Design
  • Great for Pretend Play


  • Brand: NuGeriAZ
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs

With new books and comics for kids as well as new movies, Star Wars toys are in every six year old boy’s list once again. This isn’t just any toy though, it is an x-wing starfighter. If your boy has a love of Star Wars and his parents do as well, you’ll have a lot of fun watching him put this one together.

Some of that is because it is awesome to put together an x-wing. Even if you aren’t a huge fan, this is a great starfighter and a great-looking build with Legos. If your six year old boy is a fan however, he might find it more interesting that this isn’t just any x-wing building set, this Lego set is the trench run.

At 132 pieces, it is a pretty simple build that gives a nice and easy representation of a tower shooting blasts towards the air. It comes with the greatest x-wing pilot of all time, Luke Skywalker, and other figures including a Stormtrooper to man the guns. This is a quick build but one that will play well and model well for years to come.

Key Features

  • 132 Pieces
  • Trench Blaster Cannons Included
  • Luke Skywalker and Other Figures Included


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6251686
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces

Family game night is still around in the world we live in and it can be as much fun now as it has ever been. This great little game from Goliath is one of the better games to come around for younger players and for parents as well.

Banana Joe, a monkey who is cute all by himself, sits in the center of the tree and bananas are placed into the side. A die is rolled and the player does what the instructions say. Whenever a banana is pulled, Banana Joe might just leap right out of the tree for a great twist to a good game.

This game is fun for all ages but playable and understandable for your six year old boy and his siblings. Banana Blast is a blast, especially if you catch Banana Joe when he leaps out of the tree. Believe it, he will leap out of that tree.

Key Features

  • Easy to Play
  • Monkey Leaps into the Air
  • Great for Kids or Family to Play


  • Brand: Goliath
  • Model: 30994
  • Weight:1.2 lbs

Perhaps the best thing the new Star Wars movies have brought us is a new generation of Star Wars toys. Your six year old boy might be one of a new generation of fans as well. If he is then he surely has seen the Millennium Falcon on the screen in the thick of the battle. Now he can build his very own with this LEGO set.

This is bigger than some Lego Star Wars ship building sets, at over two pounds. It is very detailed with a cockpit that opens, an accurate and well designed interior, and five minifigures. Access the interior and place the figures where they are fighting the dark side or change who is flying via the opening cockpit.

There are well over 1000 total pieces to this set. The minifigures include Finn, Lando, Chewbacca, and three droids from the new movie, The Risk of Skywalker. Your child’s imagination will get a workout and his shelf of Lego builds will have its centerpiece. If you have a little Star Wars fan in your house, this Lego set is a must have.

Key Features

  • Opening Cockpit
  • Access to Detailed Interior
  • Includes 5 Minifigures


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 6251770
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs